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This music video package includes pre-production, production and post production. In pre-production we focus on getting all the projects needs met. We help get everything organized, which includes helping storyboard your idea, make schedules, find locations, actors, extras and make-up artist. Then we move to post production which is the filming of the actual music video, all our filming equipment is included in our package, there is no extra equipment cost. After the filming of your music video, we move onto post-production. Post production is where we edit all the content, we don’t put a limit on how many edit’s you need. Once the edit has been complete we then start the color correction process, which involves coloring the images with color to give your video the look and feel you want. After that we send you final product in which ever format you need.

Example video below.

Virginia artist Eboni


This package is for anyone who has everything set and just needs a cinematographer, (someone who will handle the camera) you already have your concept, you have your director, producer and editor. We use our own camera and film everything on with a Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Camera with multiple different lenses. Once finished filming we will send all the media over to your editor. The $1550 covers the first day of filming any additional day needed is $450.

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