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About Me

Antonio Lomax

Welcome to the Absolute Photographs About Me page! While working with different clients, I've learned so much about them. I just want to take the time to tell you all a little about myself. My name is Antonio Lomax I am the owner and photographer of Absolute Photographs. I started this business in 2013 when I realized I wanted a change of scenery in my life. I have always had a creative streak and have tried different things such as clothing lines, YouTube channels, etc. but couldn't find something perfect for me. I was working in retail and knew that I wouldn't fully be happy until I found my niche. I started doing photos and videos for friends and getting more clientele through word of mouth. that's when I knew I loved what I was doing. I realized this was my calling as I was capturing priceless moments and helping people make memories. I then started to put my everything into this business so that I could perfect my craft. Thanks to you, my clientele, I have grown so much as a photographer. As I continue to grow I invite you on this journey with me! 
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